Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee


The Cuttler Team is so confident that you will be happy with the home you purchase using our unique and personalized Buyer Agency Services, that we will Guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your home during the first year of ownership, we will agree to list and sell that home for you for FREE. The following conditions apply to this guarantee:


  1. Home must be your primary residence that you personally resided in after closing. This guarantee does not apply to second homes or investment properties.
  2. Seller will still be responsible for Buyer Agent’s commission, to be set at time of listing as well as all traditional closing costs on the home being sold.
  3. The Cuttler Team agree to market and promote the home in the same fashion as any other standard listing taken.
  4. Seller must employ The Cuttler Team and sign a new Buyer’s Agency agreement, at no additional cost to them to locate and purchase another house. Should they fail to purchase another home under that agreement, Seller will be liable for a 3% listing fee on their home sold.


Acknowledged and Agreed:






for The Cuttler Team

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