Canadians In Scottsdale 


   It's a Canadian Invasion!!! With the Strength of the Canadian Economy and slow recovery of the US economy and real estate prices in Metro Phoenix, Canadians are flocking to Arizona to buy housing and investments of all sorts. Scottsdale remains one of the premiere areas and as a result, continues to attract Canadian interest as a resort destination.

This website is the PREMIERE website on the internet designed to assist Canadians purchase and invest in real estate in Arizona. Canadians in Scottsdale and other parts of Metro Phoenix will continue to be an influential part of our local real estate market and economy. Please feel free to use this website as a resource to search for real estate for free and read up on my regular blogs and current event news for the latest happenings on the market here.  All with a special slant towards your interests as a Canadian buyer or property owner in Metro Phoenix.


As a Canadian living in Scottsdale myself, I am very familiar with the types of questions and concerns you have as you consider buying real estate in a foreign real estate market. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions you have about the process or the area. We're here to help!

If you are new to the area and/or looking to buy a home in the Metro Phoenix area, you may start your research HERE.

If you currently own a home or real estate investments in Scottsdale or the surrounding area and are thinking of selling, please contact us for our unique insight on what you need to know prior to selling your property as a foreigner.  You may also look through our website to view our unique home-selling system and services.  Click HERE for information on our GUARANTEED Home Selling Program.