Cross-Border Planning Issues


Foreign Money Exchange

When converting CDN$ to US$ or vice versa, you will find that the banks will try to rip you off on the exchange. I strongly urge you to look into using a specialized foriegn exchange company to do the conversion and send the money down (or up) for you. There are many reputable companies to choose from that offer this service. I am listing a few for your information but make no warranties or recommendations on which to use. I leave that up to you!

FIRMA Foreign Exchange - Marina Lehner - 1-877-423-2217 -

Global Foreign Exchange -

HiFX -


Tax Info

Here's an article from the Edmonton Journal that address some cross border issues and has a couple of contacts for planners assisting Canadians in both the US and Canada

If you're planning to purchase real estate in the US - especially as an investment, you'll want to examine cross border taxation issues - especially US tax laws. Check out THIS IRS site for more information and consult with a tax planner, preferably one of the cross-border variety.

For real estate related tax info, check out this site.

ALTRO & Associates



Foreign Buyer's Guide

Email us for a special buyer's guide for foreigners buying real estate in the US. A shortened flow-chart of FIRPTA is available by emailing us as well. It is important for Canadians to have a good cross border planner due to tax treaties between our two countries.


Immigration Info
Some resources for looking into your immigration options:

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services - A great site to look at various visa and residency options including vacation visas.

Immigration Attorneys

Donald Walker - 415-457-1427. Located in California, we have used his services and he has been very helpful.

Two other options for immigration services that have been referred to us. We do not have any personal experience with these options. - Moshe Young - Los Angeles - 818-509-0266 - Peter Ashman - Las Vegas - 702-735-1112

There are also many good books available on the subject.