Developer & Builder Services


Our team has significant experience overseeing project development, marketing and sales for local area residential projects. We have represented Canadian developers and builders since 1997 in planning and executing successful condominium and townhome communities ranging in size from 4 units up to 81 units.

Phoenix is a fantastic long-term real estate market to develop real estate. Projected growth over the next 30+ years means the need for all forms of residential housing will continue to grow.

If you are looking at investing, developing or building in the area and would like a local team of experts to guide you along the way, please contact us at for further assistance.

Our primary objective is to provide you with the highest level of service possible to generate the quickest rate of absorption possible through every means available at our disposal. As a result, we will spearhead the effort and provide ongoing sales and logistical support while overseeing the marketing to ensure your interests are being met.


Following is a brief summary of our services tailored towards your development efforts in The Valley:

- Land acquisition feasibility research

- Product design and mix

- Pricing strategies for every home and homesite

- Flexible financing alternatives, as applicable

- Planning construction sequences and marketing phases

- Selection of plans and models to be featured

- Designing on-site marketing facilities

- Selection, management and training of sales personnel

- Cooperative broker relationships

- Marketing budgets

- Advertising and promotion for target markets

- Public Relations and publicity

- Resident relationships

- Quality deliverance systems

- Sales processing system

- After-sale goodwill and support


The primary reason for so many unsuccessful housing ventures and so many builders who fail to attain the profitability they envision is the failure to follow sound marketing principles in the development of new housing environments. What to build, how to price it, what features to include in each design and how to reach the profiled prospects are marketing functions that critically influence the economic future of the enterprise. Our goal in providing the above described consulting services, is to assist you, the builder in being as profitable as possible with a minimal amount of hardship.

Past Developments


Thunder Ridge, Fountain Hills


81 TownHome-Style Condominiums

Toscana Lakeside, Ahwatukee

63 Condominiums

Toscano Villas, Gold Canyon

75 Luxury Town Homes