Following are testimonials from our clients to give you an idea of the level of commitment to service we have.


Hi Ron, Amira:

Our family would like to express our sincerest thanks to you and Amira for all the help and guidance you provided during the listing and sales process.

You both went above and beyond our expectations of what a real estate agent would do to assist their client – from decluttering the property before listing to offering assistance with emptying contents that were not sold before closing and of course assistance with navigating the multiple documents that needed to be signed.

I must say I was a bit nervous when we decided to sell as I was going to be in Calgary during the entire process while my in-laws were packing things up; however, you set my mind at ease with your professionalism and attention to detail.

Devin & Marlene, Calgary, AB CANADA - 2016


"My wife and I decided to purchase an investment property in Arizona. After researching the internet for the best, and trusted Real Estate agent in Arizona, we selected Ron Cuttler from Prudential Arizona Properties who helps Canadians to purchase property in Arizona. We spoke to Ron a few times on the phone, felt very comfortable with him and his real estate knowledge was very impressive. We felt we could trust Ron and a business relationship started.

We flew down to Arizona in February 2011 and met Ron who took us to view several homes. After tireless days of viewing we put on offer on three homes. In April we received an email that the owner accepted our offer. We only had to counter offer once on the property. The offer was accepted and we moved forward with the instructions we received from Ron.

We were a bit nervous and unsure about taking on such a task in another country, but Ron made it so easy it was secondary. He is very calm, approachable, knowledgeable and very professional. If he does not answer his phone your call is returned very promptly. Some days were challenging for my wife but he kept her focus.

Our house closed and May 17 and was rented on May 26 with a move in date of June 03.

We would like to thank Ron and his team for making this investment experience one we will always remember."

Brad & Sandra - Toronto, Ontario CANADA - 2011

Brad and myself would like to thank you for making the transition of recording a reality. Five years ago we purchased the house and you were our Realtor and selling same after five year you were still our Realtor.  We remember one thing you told us keep the house for approximately five years and you will see a great return when you sell. It is now five years and you were right we would have never got that return if we had left the money in the bank.

We found you to be a honesty, loyal, upfront, and very professional Realtor. You always put you clients interest first and followed up on phone calls from all sides of the business.
We considered ourselves fortunate having you as our Realtor, from purchasing to selling our house.
With the house being recorded, it is now gone, a bit sad but the best thing for us. I am still processing this. I am happy that someone decent has the house and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy many happy years living in it.

Brad & Sandra - Toronto, Ontario CANADA - 2016 



We are Canadians living in Alberta, and about 5 years ago we contacted Ron in helping us find a Winter getaway in the Scottsdale area. Ron was wonderful. He guided us thru the whole process with ease, was extremely hospitable, very knowledgeable, and his negotiation skills are exemplary. He also helped us out by giving us local tips about the Scottsdale area, such as the best places to eat, places to see, and of course the most important, the best places to shop. When we decided to sell a couple of months ago, Ron went above and beyond what we could ask of him, and did things for us that we could not do for we were back in Alberta. He fought for us in all aspects of the sale, and we must admit, that he became part of our family and we will truly miss him. Ron is simply the best, and we would NOT hesitate to hire him again if we ever decided to get another property.

Walsh Family/Sherwood Park, AB CANADA- 2015

Hi Ron,

Now that the deal is done and we own our condo in central Scottsdale I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the hard work you put in. You helped us find the unit we wanted having showed us a wide range of units throughout Scottsdale. You guided us through all the nuances of buying and closing real estate in the USA (not that easy when its the first time) and helped us in so many ways that I did not expect - including lining up a terrific contractor to help us recondition the unit. Overall this both the best and easiest real estate deal I have done all because of the extra work that you put into it. I would not hesitate to be a reference for you any time and will most certainly buy through you again. Thanks again

Best wishes,

Phil & Gayle - BC CANADA

"Dear Ron, Amira: First and foremost – THANK YOU! Marlene and I, Percy and Rosalind too, wish to express our sincere thanks to both you and Amira for all of the assistance provided during the purchase of our home in Marley Park. From the first time we met back in July of 2008 to the close of escrow in March of 2009, we always knew we were in good hands. The level of service provided by both of you is second to none – the service industry could learn a thing or two from you and Amira. Having a sales background and being involved in the service industry myself, I have high expectations when it comes to the level of service I expect from various professionals I engage - you did not disappoint me! Marlene and I would be pleased to offer a reference to any client, Canadian or otherwise, as we were both thoroughly impressed with your service. You not only made the viewing process easy, by picking us up and driving us throughout the greater Phoenix area to view prospective properties; you also made the paperwork process less daunting, by walking us through each document every step of the way. One could certainly go on-and-on about the additional service you provided; however, I would much prefer to offer these examples to some of your potential clients verbally as I am not sure I could articulate them properly in writing. We very much look forward to seeing you and Amira soon and we look forward to being able to share the story of our wonderful buying experience."

Sincerely, Devin & Marlene Calgary, AB

"Hi Ron & Amira, There are a couple of happy women tonight in Avondale! Renee and Adrienne are extremely pleased with our new home. Our many thanks to both of you for your competence, your understanding, your guidance, your patience and your expertise. We are very grateful for the care and attention that you gave us, this house buying process was about as easy as it gets. Your very capable guidance through the process is much appreciated. I agree with you Ron, we do have a real gem! "

Barclay, Renee & Adrienne

Red Deer, AB

"We decided to look at buying a house in the Phoenix area in November, 2007.We began our search by looking in the MLS attachments to a number of different Realtors.After only a week or so of looking at realtor's offerings we discovered Ron and Amira's website. What jumped out of the page was "Canadians working for Canadians" and it was at first just that which convinced us to contact them to help us with our search for our home in the sun. They have been through the experience themselves and understand completely the problems which can arise from buying from outside the USA. The amount of information which they sent to us was at first a little frightening but then we realized that they were preparing us for the American Real Estate Legalities. Had they not done this when they did and left it until later in the process our confusion and trepidation into buying there could well have been magnified tenfold.

Now that the process is done and we are the proud owners of a beautiful house in Phoenix, we are grateful for the time and effort which both Ron and Amira put into helping us. There was never a stupid question nor were there ever too many questions, they always got back to us quickly with an answer. Both of us would therefore have, and in fact have done so already, great pleasure in recommending them to anyone considering buying a home in Phoenix.

We would also like to add that now the task is done, contact has not been lost and the business relationship we had at the beginning has developed to one of friendship which we both hope will continue for a long time to come."

Suzanne and Tim.

Calgary, Alberta


"We recently purchased a home in Goodyear, Arizona. Ron Cuttler was our real estate agent. Ron was highly recommended to me by my accountant, who also bought a home in Goodyear, Arizona, and used Ron as her agent.

Ron Cuttler was a pleasure to deal with. He gave us good advice through all stages of the home purchasing process. All questions and concerns were promptly dealt with.

I highly recommend Ron to anyone looking for a good real estate agent in the Phoenix area."


Strathmore, AZ

"Had never been to Arizona, but looking to buy a property in or near the phoenix area for a couple of reasons, good investment and great weather. Most Canadians in Ontario look at Florida, but the weather with Hurricanes, and sometimes cold even in March, had us looking at Arizona. We needed help to find out which areas in Phoenix are both good for investment and safety. Ron made this easy, with a web based site that had alerts on listings based on selected areas and our price range. He looked at the listings and went to properties, and warned us away from the ones that had bad potential. After our purchase, Amira worked with us on any information and phone numbers needed, saving a lot of time and worries.

The Cuttler team is exactly that, Ron and Amira working for you together, answering all questions you may have. I would not consider looking to anyone else to buy or sell property in Arizona."

Bill and Carol

London, Ontario, Canada